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WalkMe adds a Free Chrome Extension for the Salesforce Power User

I don't pitch products on my blog. Or Companies. But if you're going to release something super useful and make if free then you get a shout out. WalkMe recently released a super useful Chrome Extension called Super Tools ( I installed it this morning and its already helping me be more productive. There are two features of Super Tools that are key for any Salesforce User but your Power Users will find it most useful.


This tool takes over the Global Search result and returns a scrollable result page within the Global Search. It also groups by object type and searches Reports!

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SuperSearch - Better


Have you ever exported a report just to make a few changes you didn't want to do through the UI? Have you ever opened a bunch of tabs off of a report so you could edit the records manually? No more! With SuperEdit you can now inline edit directly in the report.

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I can't stop myself from making Star Wars references