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    Organization Builder | Salesforce Technical Expert | Professional Services and Support Executive | Founder

    Professional Services and Support executive with 13+ years of experience in building organizations from the ground up. Former US Army Signal Officer having commanded 3 companies in over a 10+ year military career. Have managed teams of 5-120+ with revenue topping $10M+ annually both in Support and Professional Services settings.

  • Experiences

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    Director of AMER Professional Services - Senior Developer Team, Aug. 2020 - Present

    Head of the AMER region development center for Salesforce Industries Professional Services where I manage a team of highly skilled Full-Stack/Salesforce Developers who distribute to cross-industry projects. I've held two roles in this capacity, expanding to manage the largest team of Senior and Technical Architects in the AMER Delivery Center.

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    Director of America’s Development Center, Sep. 2015 - Sep. 2020

    Started as the first Technical Support expert with Vlocity during its early stage start-up phase and grew the team to 40+ technical experts across the globe and over $15 Million in annual Premier Support Revenue. Started the first America's-Based development center which grew to 15+ team size and over $2 Million in revenue in its first year. Vlocity was acquired by Salesforce in Feb. 2020.

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    Senior Success Agent, Mar. 2008 - Sep. 2015

    As a technical support professional at Salesforce I served thousands of customers and provided a consistently superior interaction every time. I heald several roles including Customer Success and Senior Technical roles. During my time, I processed over 5000 cases with a lifetime CSAT of 9.7/10.0.

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    US Army Reserves

    Captain (ret.), Sep. 2004 - Oct. 2015

    After commissioning as an officer from the Cal Poly ROTC program I held three company command positions, two at junior officer ranks with the 319th Signal Battalion. I commanded a Task Force that ran the Technical Control Facility at Camp Buehring from 2011-12 and finished my career as the 982nd Combat Camera Operations Officer.

  • Engagements and Case Studies

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    Spinning In Circles - Automating the Salesforce Org Spin Process

    Vlocity Universities rapid growth highlighted the need to replace a manual process for initiating Salesforce training org environments to an automated process.

    Automation Hour - Flow and Salesforce Licensing

    Guest Host on the Salesforce Automation Hour where I taught Salesforce Admins how to use Flow and Process Builder to Work with Salesforce License Model.

    That Time I did a Promo Video

    Honored to celebrate the 10-Year Anniversary of the Salesforce IdeaExchange!

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    ButtonClick Admin Podcast - Mentorship Central

    In 2016 I launched MentorshipCentral, a Salesforce Mentorship Matching tool to the Salesforce Community and I was honored to speak about it on the ButtonClick Admin Podcast.

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    Salesforce Admins Podcast - Interview: How James Goerke Moved to Lightning

    I shared some of my best learning points from migrating the Vlocity Customer Success Group over to Lightning Dashboards.

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    Dreamforce - Three Ways I Got My Boss On Board With Lightning

    My Dreamforce 16 presentation on a strategic framework for Salesforce Admins can use to migrate over to Lightning.

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    Dreamforce - Amazing Lightning Dashboards with Three Simple Tricks

    My Dreamforce 17 presentation on how to use out of the box Salesforce Lightning Dashboards to wow the execs.

  • Education

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    Wharton Online

    November 2020

    Certificate in Leadership and Management

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    Master Of Business Administration

    2013 -2015

    Focus in Consulting Management

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    University of California, Berkeley

    2010 - 2011

    UC Berkeley Extension: Certificate in Management Information Systems, Database Design

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    California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo

    2004 - 2007

    B.S. in Business Administration with a Minor in Military Science

  • Salesforce Quest

    Musings about my quest for the perfect org...

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    Salesforce is great sometimes at deciding for me what it thinks I want. In reports, you get some...
    Contacts transition companies all the time and when you find out what do you do in Salesforce?...
    More Posts

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    Forced Momentum - Early Career Coaching

    In response to the urgent need for underrepresented minorities and groups to receive additional support and coaching as they transition into technical fields, I established Forced Momentum as a 501c(3) non-profit organization in early 2021. The global COVID-19 pandemic has only amplified this need, with many industries shutting down and digital work becoming even more prevalent. As a result, Forced Momentum aims to offer coaching to those who need it most, while leveraging our strong network of specialized coaches to create a lasting economic impact.

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    Parsity Advisory Board Member

    Parsity's founding mission was to deliver top-tier Full-Stack Engineering training in the Triangle, with an unwavering focus on quality. As the organization shifted to online delivery, it also expanded its services. As an Advisory Board Member, I have played a critical role in shaping Parsity's growth strategy, directly coaching students, and offering unique industry insights that have helped shape the curriculum of the future.

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    Vlocity License Assigner

    The Vlocity License Assigner is an unmanaged package provided by Vlocity that is designed to make the license assignment process easier for Salesforce Administrators as well as provides additional reporting capabilities to run reports of Users with assigned Vlocity Licenses directly in Salesforce. Since license details are not reportable for Manage Packages within the Salesforce reporting engine we provide a method to make license values reporting directly from the User object.

    Note: Requires login access to the Vlocity Success Community

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    Inactive Owners Salesforce App

    This package consists of custom formula fields that will help System Administrators report on which Leads, Cases, Opportunities, Activities, Accounts, and Contacts have inactive owners.

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    Activity Closed Within the Same Week Salesforce App

    This package consists of custom formula fields, workflow rules, and custom fields that calculate whether an activity Due Date and the Date the Activity was actually closed were within the same calendar week as one another.

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    Contact - No longer at Company V1.0 Salesforce App

    This package helps Admins give their users a quick and easy way to update contacts that they are no longer at the company which also updates the last name field for quick reference as well as the Email Opt Out field.

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    Mentorship Central

    Mentorship Central is a project initiative I founded in 2013 to match Mentors and Mentees within the Salesforce ecosystem. We built an matching tool on the Salesforce platform that allows both Mentor volunteers to signup and Mentees to find and request the mentor matching on multiple variables desired by the Mentee. I left the project in 2016 but its still running strong and has matched over 500 Mentor/Mentee relationships to date.

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    Brewersspot.com is a now defunct social media platform for lovers of all things craft beer and a cloud software provider of home brewing receipts. From 2007 - 2010 we facilitated over 1900 members sharing over 25,000 home brew receipts.

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