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5 Salesforce Quirks every Salesforce Admin should know - Part 1 0f 5 - Lead Master-Detail Relationships

I wanted to do a series of posts on those quirky things in Salesforce that you run into and when you do you end of doing one of these:

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But, every Salesforce Admin should know about these. In this post, and the next 4, I'll outline a few quirky features in Salesforce and how to avoid/use them to your benefit. Today, we start with Lead Master-Detail Relationships.

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The long and short of it is that you can't create a Master-Detail relationship on the Lead Object. If you're really interested in the documentation that describes this here you go -

As always, I encourage you to vote on this Idea -

So, Master-Detail Relationships give us some great benefits like the ability to do Roll-Up Summaries for instance. Here's some work arounds.

  1. Create a lookup field and make the field required
  2. Create a lookup field and use
  3. Create a Many-to-Many relationship via a Junction object
  4. Use an app like Lookup Helper ( or Roll-Up Helper (
  5. Utilize Flow/Process Builder
  6. Apex

The important thing to remember, when you're planning implementations around Leads you need to consider the Master-Detail Relationship limit in your design.