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The Best Salesforce Swag I've Ever Received

Check it out! I bet you don't have one of these. Let alone two.

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A while back I had the great pleasure to run into a former colleague and boss of mine from my time at Salesforce Support. We got to talking about our favorite swag and I mentioned my Tie-Dye T-shirt. Long story short, there happen to be a box of them sitting just across from his desk. He sent me one and now I have two. You can tell, I really got some use out of my old one.


Despite being awesome, the Tie-Dye doesn't make this my favorite piece of swag. Cread Hietakangas was a former colleague of mine at Salesforce Support who passed away several years ago. He was, simply put, an actual Salesforce Rock-star. No joke, the best.


I never told him this but I respected him and kinda hated him for how good he was at his job. Call it my youthful ignorance but its tough always playing second fiddle. Always being on the JV team. Sadly, I also never told him that he pushed me to make myself better every day. Being excellent at his job propelled me, in a some-what juvenile competitive way, to be better at mine. I wish I had told him that. The funny thing is, he still pushes me to be better.


It's interesting how different people make profound impacts on your life. It might be odd to draw inspiration from a piece of Salesforce Swag, let alone a Salesforce T-shirt, but I do. Not because its Tie-Dye, which is awesome, as I've mentioned, but because ever time I see it I remember someone that was truly dedicated to being excellent at everything he did. That reminds me, in some little way, to strive to be excellent as well.


For what's its worth now. Thank you Cread.


I guess what this post is really saying is, find your Excellence Muse. For me, its a Salesforce Tie-Dye T-shirt. What's yours?