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Jump-Start a Salesforce Career – Get Certified and Move on – Part 5 of 5 #ForceFriday

Salesforce has offered an excellent certification program for years now. Salesforce Administrators should strive to achieve at a minimum the Admin 201. This exam is fairly easy to pass as long as you study and put the effort in to learn the material. To really show your knowledge at the Salesforce Administrator level you should pursue the Advanced Admin and Developer certifications. You can learn more here -

Now, I say move on. Get certified and then move on. I don't mean to belittle the usefulness of Salesforce Certifications. They are the college degree of the Salesforce world. A degree is a gatekeeper and so are Salesforce Certifications. If you aren't certified, you have to go the extra mile to prove your abilities. So, get your certifications and move on.

Now, here's my simple tips for passing the exams:

Finally, know that your certification gives you confidence in your abilities. Take that confidence into the role you want.

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