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Jump-Start a Salesforce Career – Find a Mentor – Part 4 of 5 #ForceFriday

Mentors are amazing, Salesforce mentors doubly so. Mentors can have immense benefits on your career progression and sometimes open doors that otherwise would be closed to you. There is no replacement for a personal relationship with someone.

I've outlined three places to go and find a mentor within the Salesforce world. That said, this blog post is a little shameful plug for a mentor/mentee matching initiative that I'm trying to get going within the Salesforce Community. If you are taking the time to read this blog, first, #ThankYou, and second, please take some additional time to take this interest survey:

Now... to the good stuff.

How to find a Mentor in the Salesforce world:

Ask you local user group leader

You local user group leader is connected. They likely know everyone within your local user group and a simple conversation requesting an introduction to a potential mentor is all it takes. At the next meeting, pull them aside and share with them your goals and aspirations and that you are looking for a mentor relationship to help.

Message a Community Leader directly

The Salesforce Community is full of groups for every role, position, feature, etc. There are individuals that are active within those groups that I would consider Community Leaders. These individuals are your best bet to reach out to and ask to mentor you. Now, its important to not be presumptuous in your request. Not everyone has time to commit to a mentor/mentee relationship. However, if you remain flexible and ask for any references to others that might be willing to mentor you then you are more likely to get a good connection.

Use your LinkedIn Network

If you are like me you've spent years adding people into your network on LinkedIn. Like Facebook, not everyone you are connected with is really a friend but more of an acquaintance. However, you likely are connected with a few people that you do have a stronger relationship with. Reaching out to these people and explaining what you are looking for might lead them to introduce you to the right mentor. I don't recommend sending out mass emails or form letters to everyone in your network. Actions like that are disingenuous as are easily recognizable.