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Why you Should Volunteer as a Salesforce Mentor Today

I've been lax in making posts lately because I've been working on a project to bring a Mentoring program to the Salesforce Community. Mentorship Central is a Salesforce community group that launched several months ago and now have recently launched a new matching site that allows people in the Salesforce ecosystem to volunteer as a Mentor, Mentee, or Both and find their ideal match.

I wanted to write a post today to share why I think people should volunteer as a Mentor. I have three arguments to convince anyone to volunteer as a Mentor.

Argument 1: Giving back is in the Salesforce Community genetics

The Salesforce community is a wonderful thing. You can find the answer to any question, assistance on a project, or even just post something funny. But at the heart of the community is giving back. Volunteering as a Mentor is just going a step further and the next natural progression in an evolution of a good community member.

Argument 2: You will learn something

You might think that the Mentor/Mentee relationship is a one-way street where the Mentor is just imparting information to the Mentee. The Mentor/Mentee relationship is much more than that and the Mentor can learn just as much from the Mentee. Mentors get experience in coaching, teaching, as well as opportunities to have new situations presented to you that you might not see in your existing role.

Argument 3: It's not a huge commitment!

As a Mentor, the average commitment is less than an hour a week! Come on, you can spare an hour! That doesn't sound so bad.