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Setting up a new Salesforce org - What to do #SFDCChecklists

I'm obsessed with Checklists. OK, not obsessed but they are dreadfully useful is all sorts of situations. Checklists help ensure you don't miss anything, even for the most mundane tasks. Salesforce Administrators may not always be spinning up new orgs but on occasion you do. Sometimes it makes sense for an organization to have multiple Salesforce orgs or perhaps you are a independent consultant and you are doing new implementations. In my world, I now work for a Salesforce Partner, and I spin up a new Developer Org for each version release of each of our packages. I have more developer orgs than I can count... The below list is intended to be more of what I do which is typically spinning up an org for testing purposes.

Here are the things I do to the new org before I do anything else when setting up a new org... Its my New Org Checklist:

  • Depending on if this is a Developer Org, Sandbox Refresh, or a new org I'll be working in I change the name of my user to this format:Developer Orgs - First Name: {Org Purpose or Package Name and Version}  Last Name: {My Full Name}

    Sandbox Orgs - First Name: {Sandbox Name} Last Name: {My Full Name}

  • Add my chatter Photo
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  • My Generic Chatter Photo
  • Update Company Name. I usually use this format:Developer Orgs - {Org Purpose or Package Name and Version}  + {Actual Company Name}

    Sandbox Orgs - {Sandbox Org Name} + {Actual Company Name}

  • Add my login Credentials to the LOGINS Chrome Extension so I don't have to ever remember the password I set.
  • Disable the Salesforce Notification Banner - 
  • Clone the System Administrator Profile and create my own Custom "God" Profile. I add these Permissions to this profile
    • Password Never Expires
    • Manage Communities
    • Manage Chatter Messages
    • Moderate Chatter
    • Moderate Communities Chatter Messages
    • Moderate Communities Feeds
    • Moderate Communities Files
    • Bulk API Hard Delete

      Note: You can also do this with Permission Sets which I encourage the use of. However, in some situations its nice to have a custom Profile created so from the get go I always start with a Custom Profile.

  • Disable "Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface" - I prefer the old Profile Editor over the new view
  • Enable "Enable Collapsible Sidebar"

The above checklist is mostly for Testing orgs (Developer/Sandbox Orgs) but what if you are spinning up a new Production Org? Follow this general checklist to ensure you don't miss anything when launching a new Production Org.